Body Liposuction in Montreal

Body Liposuction

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat deposits with the primary aim of improving the body’s contours and proportions.

Liposuction is regarded as one of the most effective and least invasive methods to eliminate excess fat deposits. You can get Liposuction in Montreal on different areas of the body, such as in the back, abdomen, waist, thighs, chest area, inner knees, chin and neck, upper arms, and hips.

Additionally, this procedure can be used alone or in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures. For instance, liposuction is often combined with breast reduction or an abdominoplasty to improve a person’s overall physical appearance.

It is important to note that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for a healthy diet. If you require further assistance concerning these issues, talk to your primary care physician or equivalent specialist.

Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction is an excellent procedure for individuals seeking a miminally invasive option. The resulting scars are less than a centimeter in length and conceiled in strategically-placed locations.

It is important to distinguish the difference between fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) and deeper abdominal fat (visceral fat). Liposuction does not address the deeper abdominal fat around the intestines, often contributing to the rounded and full appearance of the abdomen. A physical examination with Dr. Azzi will determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction.

Another important distinction to appreciate is whether a candidate has excess fat or excess skin (or both). Liposuction removes excess fat to decrease volume (and waistline) and to improve definition. However, liposuction does not remove excess skin. Excess skin is often treated with a tummy tuck, Brachioplasty, thigh lift, and other procedures depending on the involved region. Taking into consideration your goals and expectations, a physical examination and a discussion with Dr. Azzi will help determine the ideal body contouring procedure for you.

What does the procedure Consists of?

A typical procedure involves three main steps

Step one: Infiltration of anesthesia 

Liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Step two: Incisions

After infiltration of anesthesia, small incisions (smaller than 1cm) are designed in inconspicuous areas of the body, where the treatment is to be performed. The incision will provide the pathway for the liposuction cannula to access the targeted body fat.

Step three: Liposuction 

A cannula is passed through the excess fats in the target area(s). Once the fat is loosened, suction is applied to the cannula, removing the excess fat cells. This is performed until the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved.

To get more information, please refer to the before/after picture gallery courtesy of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). We also invite you to refer to this video on Liposuction surgery (Click on the “Body” tab and then “Liposuction”).

During the consultation, Dr. Alain Azzi will perform a physical exam and will discuss your specific needs. A member from our patient care coordination department will subsequently provide you with the details of the cost of liposuction in Montreal.

We both offer in-person and virtual plastic surgery consultations.