Neck Lift in Montreal

Neck Lift


A neck lift, also known as cervicoplasty or plastysmaplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to tighten the skin around the neck, in an attempt to reverse the signs of aging.

The main objective of this procedure is to tighten and remove excess skin from the neck, and to reposition the deeper tissues to provide a more youthful appearance.

who is the right candidate for a neck lift?

An ideal candidate for neck lift surgery should be in good physical and psychological health.

Smoking increases the risk of complications and compromises the blood supply to the skin after the surgery. Some surgeons will refuse to operate on a patient who has not stopped smoking for at least 3-4 weeks prior to the scheduled surgery date.

Patients with poorly controlled hypertension (high blood pressure) are also at increased risk of complications, particularly hematomas (bleeding).

If you meet all the above criteria, then you may be an ideal candidate, if you have:

  • Wrinkles on your neck
  • The skin on your neck has lost its elasticity (turkey neck or double chin)
  • Your neck muscles have weakened and cause sagging skin


There are various neck lift techniques, with various scar lengths and placements. A typical neck lift procedure begins with a tiny incision near the hairline at the sideburns, which continues around the ear. This strategic placement of incisions will result in a camouflaged scar that is well concealed.

A neck lift begins by tightening the platysma muscle of your neck. Then, excess skin and fat are trimmed. Tissue and skin are repositioned and secured with sutures.

In certain cases, an additional small incision below the chin (submental incision) is required to remove deeper fat (deep to the muscle) and correct the loose bands of muscles (platysmal bands). This procedure is sometimes referred to as submentoplasty.

how much does a neck lift cost?

The cost of neck lifts generally depends on the treatment plan that is developed for you. The final cost will depend on whether a neck lift is completed with other procedures such as a facelift, liposuction, or with the use of the submentoplasty technique.

During the consultation, Dr. Alain Azzi will perform a physical exam and will discuss your specific needs. A member from our patient care coordination department will subsequently provide you with the details of the cost of necklifts in Montreal.

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